Our Water Bottling Plant

View from the road at 7595 Rickenbacker Drive

About Our Plant

DrinkMore Custom Water operates out of a state-of-the-art water bottling plant in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Because we both bottle and label all of our private label water orders, we can offer some of the lowest prices in the industry while also delivering the highest quality product on every order.

Our water bottling plant can handle orders as large as full truckloads of private label water to small quantities of custom label water for an event, or anything in between – all at extremely competitive prices with quick turnaround. Our goal is to design, produce, and deliver the best looking and tasting custom labeled water on the planet.

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custom label bottled water plant


custom labeled bottled water filler and capper

Innovators in the Bottled Water Industry

In 2006 we installed a brand new, high-speed bottling line that is cutting edge for our industry. We were also the first to eliminate corrugated fiberboard from our packaging. In addition to being innovative with regards to our packaging, we have also introduced a bottle made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. Essentially, these bottles are made from recycled bottles and are also completely recyclable. In our opinion, these are the “greenest” bottles available (although they are blue in color).

We have also developed a unique label which we have patented and call our coupon label. A section of this label is easily removed from the bottle for use as a coupon. Many of our clients have successfully used our coupon label, samples of which are in our label gallery.

Water Bottle Delivery

For customers located within our local delivery territory, which encompasses the greater Washington, DC/Baltimore metroplex, we can cost effectively deliver as few as 18 cases per delivery. For customers outside of our local delivery territory, we have negotiated extremely low freight rates with a number of different shipping companies and can offer extremely competitive pricing to customers located throughout the continental United States.

Learn more about our custom label bottle water delivery services here.

Visit Our Water Bottling Facility!

At DrinkMore Custom Water, we use a custom-engineered water purification system to purify our water. Our unique system is available for your inspection at our state-of-the-art bottling facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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