How to Order Labels for Water Bottles

For New DrinkMore Custom Water Customers

For the initial order, the first step in the process is to finalize your custom water label design. Please see the “Label Design” page on this site for specific information on this process.

Once the label design is approved and ready to go, we will then need to know the specifics of your order:

  • the number of cases
  • bottle size
  • cap type
  • delivery requirements

Once we have that information from you, we will take care of the rest. The easiest way to initiate this process is to either request a quote or send us your logo to begin the design process. The email address to use to transmit your logo is:

For Existing DrinkMore Custom Water Customers

For repeat orders, the best way to place the order is by email. The email to use is:

If you prefer to phone in your order, the best number to use is (301) 591-9391. Of course, if you prefer your water delivery service on a regularly scheduled basis, we can set up the account on an automatic delivery basis so your custom water will arrive in accordance with the schedule you provide. It really is that easy!