The DrinkMore Custom Water Story

Our History

The DrinkMore Water story starts in April 1993 with the opening of the DrinkMore Water Store in Rockville, MD. The retail store featured a state-of-the-art water purification plant and customers would visit the store to fill their containers with extremely pure water to tote home.

Within about a year, a second DrinkMore Water Store was opened in Bethesda, MD and a large customer base was developed throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. Over time, many of these customers requested that DrinkMore Water deliver this great tasting, ultra-pure water to their homes and offices. Well, these numerous requests did not fall on deaf ears!

In 1996, DrinkMore Delivery was founded, a business that has grown by leaps and bounds and is now one of the largest home and office bottled water companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. DrinkMore Delivery has over 20 trucks on the road every day and offers delivery service throughout the Greater Washington/Baltimore Region.

In September 2001, DrinkMore Custom Water was founded as a sister company to DrinkMore Delivery, with a business plan that involved designing, producing, and delivering the best looking and tasting custom labeled water available on the planet.

A Story of Growth

Our commitment to producing an extremely high quality product has led to great things for our company. Our growth rate has been meteoric and we were recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States.

We now proudly serve customers from coast to coast and can cost effectively cover this territory due to the extremely low freight rates we are able to negotiate based on our high shipping volumes. Over the years we have grown fast and implemented many changes, but one thing has remained constant—our commitment to producing the highest quality product possible.

Innovators in the Bottled Water Industry

In 2006, we moved into our 40,000 square foot headquarters buildingand installed a brand new, high speed bottling line that is cutting edge for our industry. Our purification system and production line were both designed and installed by the DrinkMore Custom Water founders, who both happen to hold mechanical engineering degrees from Duke University. We were the first bottler in the Country to eliminate corrugated fiberboard from our packaging (many bottlers have since followed our lead).

Our water remains one of the purest on the market, our bottles are not flimsy like some bottlers now use, and our labels are completely waterproof and are printed using the best technology to produce photographic quality results.The labels are printed on pressure sensitive polypropylene film and are laminated, meaning they will not degrade in water and are fully adhered to the bottle. You can even run our bottles through your dishwasher and the labels will come out looking as great as they went in.

In addition to being innovative with regards to our packaging, we have also introduced a bottle made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic; essentially, these bottles are made from recycled bottles and are also completely recyclable. In our opinion, these are the “greenest” bottles available (although they are blue in color).

We have also developed a unique label which we have patented and call our coupon label. A section of this label is easily removed from the bottle for use as a coupon. Many of our clients have successfully used our coupon label, samples of which are in our label gallery.