Shipping Cases of Custom Labeled Water

DrinkMore Custom Water operates a fleet of company owned trucks for deliveries in the local vicinity of our East Coast plant. This local delivery territory includes the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas. If your delivery is to a destination outside this area, we will arrange shipping to your location using one of our reputable contract carriers.

If your order will be delivered by one of our contract carriers, please read the following information to avoid any delivery problems or potential additional charges carriers may levy.

Standard Delivery: Unless you request otherwise, we will ship your order using our standard service. Standard service means that someone will be at your receiving location at all times Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to accept the order and that there is a loading dock and/or forklift on site to enable the delivery driver to offload the pallet(s). The loading dock must have a dock plate and be tall enough for the delivering driver to roll the pallet off the truck onto the dock with his pallet jack. If you have a forklift, the delivering driver will pallet jack the pallet to the end of his truck for your forklift to take from there. Under no circumstances will you or your personnel be allowed into the truck to offload the freight.

Lift Gate Delivery: If you do not have a loading dock or a forklift at the receiving location, we will need to order a lift gate delivery. The lift gate allows the delivering driver to lower the pallet to the ground outside your facility. Typically, the driver will leave the pallet there on the ground and it is the receiving party’s responsibility to move the pallet(s) inside the facility. We need to know ahead of time if you require lift gate delivery service. If we do not order lift gate service and the delivering driver comes to your location in a truck without a lift gate and is unable to deliver because a lift gate is required, the driver will need to return to the terminal with the freight and send it out at a later date on a truck with a lift gate. Not only does this delay delivery, you will be responsible for the “re-delivery charge” which is usually well in excess of $100. If you are in doubt whether or not a lift gate will be required, please order a lift gate for delivery.

Appointment Delivery: If there is a chance that there may not be anyone present to accept the freight when the driver arrives, or if you have very specific receiving hours, please ask that we request that the carrier call you for a delivery appointment. Although this typically adds a day to the transit time, it should avoid a situation where the driver arrives unscheduled and is unable to make the delivery because you are either not there or unprepared to accept the freight. If you do request an appointment for delivery, and you are not able to receive the freight when the carrier arrives at your facility, see the paragraph above in reference to the redelivery fee which will be your responsibility.

Inside Delivery: The Carrier will move the freight to a location inside of your facility for an additional fee if we request inside delivery service. However, the Carrier will not perform a standard inside delivery if the freight must be broken down and moved by the case rather than the pallet or if curbs/stairs prevent the pallet from being moved with a pallet jack.

To prepare your order for transit, the cases are stacked on a pallet and wrapped with shrink film to stabilize the load during transit. This shrink film exerts a compressive force to the cases which, over time (weeks), can cause the bottles on the corners of the pallet to become misshapen. We recommend that you cut this shrink film once the pallet is received and located in your storage location to avoid a situation where some of the bottles are not perfectly round.

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